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The Leader's Guide to Upholding Commitments

What to do when you really don't want to do it

In the realm of leadership, emotions can be like quicksand, easily swallowing up your best intentions and commitments. "Follow your commitment, not your feeling," is a piece of wisdom imparted by seasoned coaches to leaders. And it's a challenging practice, especially on the days when you just don't want to do it.

Whether it's a promise to take daily action to treat your people well (an Amare Way leadership principle) or personal goals like regular workouts or consistent writing schedules, our commitments are often tested by your transient feelings and reactivity.

For instance, say you're committed to transparent communication and employee well-being, but the thought of a tough performance review makes you recoil. "He'll be upset," you think, or "I'll appear incompetent." This internal dialogue highlights the conflict leaders often face--the contest between transient feelings, the stories we create and our steadfast commitments.

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