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How to Make Changes Faster

Many choices made quickly can be worth the risk

During the pandemic, associations learned a lot about how quickly they can change what they do. From shifting to remote work to building hybrid events, they countered the cliche of the "slow-moving ship" that has long been attached to the industry.

But associations are still anxious about how quickly they can respond to challenges, and whether their current value propositions are fit for purpose. A new report from McKinley Advisors found that association CEOs have long-term concerns about their ability to handle shifts in the U.S. workforce, economy, technology, and more. I’ll have more to share about the report’s findings in a future article; for now, know that a lot of CEOs are understandably concerned with how they'll steer their organizations through the next decade.

There’s no one easy fix for every association, but at the heart of the discussion around it is thinking about your organization’s change mindset, and how resistant your association might be to change. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, authors Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss point out that organizations tend to develop a lot of false narratives around their inability to change.

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