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What Your Voice Reveals About You As A Communicator

You must acquire the tools of full vocal expressiveness to speak with impact

Welcome to the wonder of your voice! It's your most powerful public speaking performance tool for persuading, inspiring and moving audiences. If you get to be a memorable speaker, one reason will most likely be because of your voice.

We talk about the figurative "voice" as the voice of a generation, the voice of leadership, etc. But your actual physical voice, more than any other performance technique, reflects who you are when you speak to others. Equally important: It's your instrument par excellence for eliciting in others the same emotions you are feeling. Here are the five key tools of vocal dynamics you need to persuade and motivate audiences.

To speak with impact and influence, you must acquire the tools of full vocal expressiveness. I learned this lesson firsthand at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where I completed my actor training. There, and at the other British acting academies, students work diligently on the technical aspects of vocal production as much as they do on scene study.

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