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Improve Board Recruitment by Using a Skills Matrix

This can help associations identify where they need additional expertise

In 2009, when the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) was formed, it initially struggled to identify qualified board members who were willing to serve. Early directors were often people well-known to the original founders or members who were willing to "pitch in and help out."

While this method provided many strong directors who were passionate about our mission and who helped provide strong foundations for growth and expansion, it often created a homogenous board with gaps in skill sets necessary for strong strategic leadership.

Per our bylaws, our board is composed of 10 members: five directors elected by members from each of five geographical regions, as well as an equal number of board members elected by the existing board. The term length for each director is three years and they can serve for a maximum of two terms (six years). The positions have been staggered so that there are no more than two new board members per year.

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