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How to Make Mundane Work More Playful

One way: Try the mashup brainstorm

Think of one thing at work that feels tedious. Let’s say it’s a certain meeting to which you don’t look forward. Now, think about something that gives you joy. Maybe it’s going for a long walk. Now mash the two up: Try a walking meeting with the team. 

That’s the formula that Michelle Lee, partner and managing director at IDEO Play Lab, suggests workplaces try out if they are looking to introduce more play in the office. Other examples include listening to music while sorting through emails, doing stretch breaks during calls or telling your favorite joke before heading into the business agenda.

"Try the mashup brainstorm if you have trouble getting people to start coming up with new ideas," said Lee at Charter’s Workplace Summit in NYC. "But challenge the way things are done, because you don't always have to do expenses the way we have or hold meetings the way we have."

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