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Why You Should Buy Clothes to Last Forever

High-quality clothes can break the 'fast fashion' psychology

Ten years ago, fashion writer Derek Guy interviewed a young Parisian student about his wardrobe. Brian's clothes, spare but sophisticated, fit into the tiny closet common in pre-20th-century housing. Every item mixed and matched elegantly, from the camel-toned overcoat to black jeans.

When Guy interviewed Brian a decade later, many of the same jeans, pants and jackets were still in his closet, he told Guy. Everything remained not only wearable, but fashionable long after most people would have tossed their garments or shoved them to the back of the rack.

"He formed a functional, stylish wardrobe using just a few pieces," said Guy. "The lessons of his wardrobe are applicable to anyone. I don't think people need to buy designer [clothes] to do what he did. You can shop at Uniqlo, J.Crew, Target or Gap."

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