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Neuroscience Says the Best Leaders Are the Most Vulnerable

Create trust by leading with vulnerability

Confidence has long been regarded as a cornerstone of effective leadership. And there's no denying its importance; after all, who would follow a leader unsure of their own direction?

Yet confidence can be a double-edged sword. It shines best when paired with humility and the willingness to admit your vulnerability. On the other hand, when it spills over into arrogance, it narrows your vision and risks alienating your team.

I've seen it both ways, countless times, during my 15-year career as a professional basketball player. What I learned is that true, genuine confidence is never loud. In fact, the most confident leaders I've seen had two distinct qualities: They listened more than they talked, and they were the first ones to own up to their responsibilities and admit their mistakes. The best leaders are never afraid to expose their vulnerability.

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