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Mastering Leadership

Three key guidelines for every CEO

Leading a company is always a dynamic task—especially with changing employee expectations—but there are core lessons that always hold true. Even experienced leaders must continually assess how their behavior influences their teams.

If C-suite executives want to inspire their teams, they need to frequently review their leadership style and make sure their approach still works. There are a few simple tools I use, as part of a set of principles I call the "unself-yourself" mindset. I use these tools as my tenets of servant leadership when a leader prioritizes the team and organization. It's part of my daily operations.

I follow three key guidelines daily to keep me on track and do my best work. When faced with a challenge, I first look to my past to review my core principles, then see what advice I can borrow from my mentors. I want to make sure I'm not taking the easy route, and keep advancing my skills beyond my usual comfort zone—but not too far. Finally, I'm always looking for ways to increase clarity with my direct reports and the company overall to make sure I'm getting my message across accurately.

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