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Why Strategic SMS Marketing Matters

Five ways to ensure subscribers don't opt out of your outreach

Buzz (or ding)! A new text (SMS) message lights up your phone, and you see it's from a brand you recognize. In most cases, whether you click the link or type "stop" depends largely on how that message—and the brand behind it—appeared to you. Did the text reach you at a convenient time, with an intention that is credible and clear? Does it help you in some way? These questions and more are key for marketers to consider before hitting send.

Increasingly, brands are seeking to prove their SMS chops because that’s where the volume and the money are. A recent survey shows that more than seven in 10 consumers (71 percent) say they’ve signed up to receive texts from businesses within the last year, and 86 percent of businesses have used SMS marketing to reach customers.

With consumers admittedly addicted to their phones—Americans check them more than 140 times per day—it’s no wonder that SMS has become a critical part of the marketing mix in the last few years. With SMS open rates reaching 98 percent, compared to typical email open rates of 20 percent, marketing text messages are much more likely to be seen.

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