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In Gaza, the Medical Infrastructure is Disintegrating

Meanwhile, the dead go uncounted

A line of medical workers in scrubs, young men with bewildered expressions and a boy walk hurriedly through the door, each gingerly cradling the tiny form of a swaddled premature baby brought from the nursery of Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital.

The footage, aired by Al Jazeera on Tuesday, was a rare glimpse inside Gaza’s largest hospital, where fuel reserves dried up on Friday and power was cut off from incubators and the lifesaving machines in the intensive care unit. The babies were being relocated from the nursery to an operating room that still had some power.

As Israeli forces pursue their mission to destroy the militant Hamas movement into the heart of Gaza City, civilians are bearing the brunt and the hospitals that once provided succor are shutting down as communications break down and fuel for generators runs out.

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