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What Gen Z's Podcast Habits Can Teach Us

This coveted demographic is obsessed with podcasts

SXM Media and Edison Research recently released their Gen Z Podcast Listener Report, which investigates the podcast consumption and related purchasing habits of US individuals ages 13 to 24. The upshot: This group likes to listen to podcasts.

Gathered from more than 1,000 interviews, the demographical-adjusted data provides insights for marketers targeting this diverse audience.

Gen Z's monthly podcast listening has risen by 57 percent over the past five years, with 47 percent of Gen Zers (approximately 24 million listeners) engaging with podcasts in the past month. Meanwhile, 66 percent of Gen Z listeners use podcasts to stay updated on the latest topics, while 61 percent tune in to keep abreast of social issues. Despite the trend of multitasking while consuming content, a surprising 82 percent of Gen Z listeners have reported listening to podcasts without doing anything else.

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