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Rethinking Business Cards in a Digital Era

It may be time to reconsider how your organization leaves its mark

The humble business card many of us know and love is typically 3.5-by-2 inches, fits snuggly into a wallet or purse and lets you easily share your contact information. But does the standard still stand up in a post-pandemic environment?

"The idea of printing business cards isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago," said Justin Burniske, principal consultant at Meta-Dao. "Now, associations are considering the purpose of these cards and how they can help forward their organization’s goals."

One option that association pros may consider is switching to a digital version. With a digital card, you can provide a URL link or QR code that recipients can either click or scan to access your information. Though this cloud-based record can serve as a one-stop access point for your business’ digital presence, it does have setbacks.

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