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Shores & Islands Ohio's Mission Partnership Reflects Ongoing Commitment to Ohio’s Nonprofit Industry

The CVB understands the role that OSAP plays in Ohio's nonprofit niche

OSAP Mission PartnerFor the sixth year in a row, OSAP re-engaged with Shores & Islands Ohio on a very important partnership: The OSAP Mission Partnership program.

Whether through sponsoring a luncheon meeting, investing in educational opportunities or offering expanding networking events, OSAP Mission Partners care about enriching the overall benefits and experiences the organization’s members receive. Shores & Islands Ohio was the first CVB to develop a mission partner relationship with OSAP.

"Shores & Islands Ohio relationship with OSAP is truly invaluable,” said OSAP Member Tiffany Frisch, Shores & Islands Ohio's assistant director of group sales. "Our membership has allowed us to foster professional relationships with industry associates while also giving us the opportunity for professional growth."

"Mission partners understand the relationships that our association professionals have with those in the industry partner and CVB categories of our organization," said OSAP President Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE. "They not only recognize the benefit of investing in OSAP's annual conference, they also want to help the organization meet members' needs throughout the year in a variety of ways. Working with Shores & Islands has been wonderful, and we hope this relationship continues to prosper and strengthen."

Shores & Islands Ohio also understands the valuable role the OSAP Foundation plays, and is a supporting sponsor of this year's OSAP Foundation Holiday Luncheon & Silent Auction, which is being held Dec. 1, 2023.

To learn more about the program, please contact Clabaugh via email.  

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