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Applying IBM’s ‘Innovation Jam’ to your comms strategy

Developing a new strategy can be a huge challenge for even the most seasoned corporate and organizational leaders. But what if the next turn in your organization’s strategy is hiding in plain sight?

Getting an organization's strategy has never been more mission-critical than it is right now. Strategy dictates what an organization does and doesn't do daily. It dictates what an organization says and doesn't say as well. Given the warp-speed demands of both the marketplace and the 24-hour news cycle, strategic action and messaging can have positive and negative implications for a company's reputation and business.

Strategic alignment is equally critical up and down the chain and across the enterprise. Crafting the right strategy allows leaders to take things off the table that do not align, which frees up time, energy and resources to double down on those things that do. Strategy is a master key to unlocking and unleashing a company's true potential.

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