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Tips for Managing Politics In the Workplace During Election Season

Avoid the 'culture wars' that come with political strife

If the thought of enduring another presidential election while managing politics in the workplace has you agitated, you are not alone. The Biden versus Trump campaign, subsequent years of political shenanigans and a pandemic to top it off were unsettling and maybe even traumatic for you. It may have even affected your workplace environment, causing rifts between colleagues, off-topic discussions in meetings and debates that caused lingering damage. 

A recent NBC headline reading “Is America ready for a Biden v. Trump sequel?” speaks to the heart of the issue. It’s not a presidential election making us tired; it’s the “culture wars” that come with it.

As the election ramps up, it will thrust us back into ongoing issues and conversations such as abortion, LGBTQ+ progress, gun control and much more. 

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