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A Spy Agency Leaked People's Data Online

Then the data was stolen

The list of data is long. Names, professions, blood groups, parents' names, phone numbers, the length of calls, vehicle registrations, passport details, fingerprint photos. But this isn't a typical database leak, the kind that happens all the time—these categories of information are all linked to a database held by an intelligence agency.

For months, the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC), an intelligence body in Bangladesh that is involved in collecting people's cell phone and internet activity, has published people's personal information through an unsecured database linked to its systems. And this past week, anonymous hackers attacked the exposed database, wiping details from the system and claiming to have stolen the trove of information.

WIRED has verified a sample of real-world names, phone numbers, email addresses, locations, and exam results included in the data. However, the exact nature and purpose of the amassed information is unclear, with some entries appearing to be test information, incorrect or partial records. The NTMC and other officials in Bangladesh have not responded to requests for comment.

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