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2020 Schedule

Prepare to immerse yourself in an educational experience designed to engage your mind and transform the way you look at your organization.

Great education is our aim at the Annual Conference, and we’re aiming higher than ever to get you where you need to be—now and for the future.

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of the complete educational session agenda!

*Schedule Subject to Change

Monday, August 31, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Saling Simms Associates
Opening Keynote Session:
Our Shifting Landscape: Associations as Key Industry Voices & Communities - Lowell Aplebaum
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM Break
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Educational Session: 
Sell Me This Pen - Melynn Sight
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Educational Session:
Taming the Email Beast - Randall Dean
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Educational Session:
Me, Myself & My Camera: Implementing Video Production Solo - Nicole Volk
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Break

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM   

Saling Simms Associates


Gervasi Vineyard
Capstone Administrators

Ohio Trucking Association


TriNet Logo

Virtual Trivia:
Wind down after Day 1 of the event with a virtual happy hour! The game (co-hosted by OSAE's sponsorship sales partner, The Wyman Company's Katie White) will be a team event using zoom breakout rooms; trivia questions plus some fun challenges! Bring your brain filled with random knowledge, as this is an event you won't want to miss!
Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020
11:00 AM -12:30 PM

General Session:
Associations at the Table with Legislators - Todd Baker, Tony Fiore, Greg Saul
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM Break
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
The Summit A Dolce Hotel
Educational Session: (UPDATED)
Business Development 2.0: How Relationship Nurturing Can Lead to More Effective Retention, Engagement and Growth Strategies - Lori S. Brown, Denise Ison-Miller
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Educational Session:
Legal Challenges Today in the Midst of So Much Confusion - Marc Fishel, Stephanie Schoolcraft
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Educational Session:
Best & Worst Practices for Virtual Meetings - Mary Beth Cowardin, Lauren Manson, Tim Rorris
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saling Simms Associates
Virtual Bingo & Beverages with Jenn:
Join us after Day 2 of the event with virtual bingo! The event (co-hosted by OSAE's platinum event sponsor, Saling Simms Associates' Jenn Berry) will be a fun night of playing bingo from your favorite comfy spot at home, with whatever beverage you fancy. Jenn will call the numbers, and lucky winners will receive prizes!

Need bingo cards? Email Martha Mattson: to get your cards!

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

LIG Solutions 2020
Educational Session:
Diversity & Inclusion - Scott Wiley, Tiffany Crosby, Margaret Finley
9:10 AM - 10:10 AM Educational Session: (UPDATED)
You Don't Know What You Don't Know - Peggy Slaughter
10:20 AM - 11:20 AM

Comp Management Logo
Educational Session:
Working from Home: The New Normal? - Heather Cowles, Victor Hipsley, Mack Calhoun
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

D2L Logo
Closing Keynote Session:
All the Mistakes I've Made to Make Me a Better Leader - Tom Balzer

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