Coronavirus (COVID19) - Webinars

Since March, OSAE has been working with our partners, our sister societies, fellow membership organizations and state and national leaders to provide our members with access to leading information designed to help them protect and remain resilient in light of the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Here are the webinars that we have held in concert with other organizations and members of our OSAE Emergency Response Team (ERT) taskforce. We hope you find the information they contain beneficial.

All of these webinars are unlocked and open to all members and non-members alike. Now is a time for OSAE to serve all segments of our membership. Please let us know if you have a recommendation for a topic that you would like to see us focus upon or host. We will weather this better together!


OSAE COVID-19 - Legal News You Can Use - Employer Rights & Obligations in the Coronavirus Pandemic  

March 20, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – Burgie MediaFusions’ Communications & Marketing Matter More Now Than Ever

March 24, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – LIG Solutions’ Understanding Your Healthcare Options When Facing Unemployment

April 10, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 - Building a Strong Resume & Portfolio

April 15, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – Financial News You Can Use – Coronavirus, the Economy and Keeping Your Association Intact

April 15, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – A Roundtable Discussion with Members on the Power of Adaptation

April 21, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – Making Messages Work During the Pandemic

April 23, 2020


OSAE COVID-19 – Legal News You Can Use – What to Expect as Employees Return to Work

May 1, 2020

OSAE COVID-19 - Time to Decide to Cancel, Modify or Postpone Your Event

June 10, 2020


Joint Offering:

COVID-19: CARES Act Resources for Associations and Legal Strategies for Association Meetings


Joint Offering:

COVID-19: Legal Governance Challenges for an Association During a Pandemic


Joint Offering:

Adding Member Value in the Time of COVID-19