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Better Data Can Lead to Better Sponsorships

Comprehensive data can help keep partners happy, maintain non-dues revenue

While associations are collecting data related to the revenue their corporate partnerships and sponsorships bring in, they often aren’t measuring crucial information that can help them improve their arrangements, keep corporate partners happy, and maintain a non-dues revenue stream, according to a study by the Partnership Professionals Network (PPN).

“What is most important is to track the performance of all of it, so you can give value to partners,” said Dan Kowitz, a convener of PPN, a group devoted to improving corporate partnership and sponsorship programs at associations, nonprofits, and other charities.

PPN surveyed associations and nonprofits to find out what data they are collecting and how they’re using it. According to the survey, released in June, organizations primarily track revenue and payments received from partners and sponsors (100 percent) and whether the benefits promised to the sponsors were delivered (87 percent). Only about half tracked what their sponsors wanted or needed, and just 20 percent tracked who in their organization was responsible for delivering the sponsor’s benefits.

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