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The Ego: The Biggest Barrier to Success & Leadership

An overactive ego gives people a distorted image of their own importance

"The ego is one of the biggest barriers to people working together effectively. When people get caught up in their egos, it erodes their effectiveness," writes new PEX Network columnist, Tristan Boutros, SVP & Chief Transformation Officer at the Warner Music Group...

That's because the combination of false pride and self-doubt created by an overactive ego gives people a distorted image of their own importance. When that happens, people see themselves as the center of the universe and begin to put their own agenda, safety, status, and gratification ahead of those affected by their thoughts and actions. Whenever an individual allows pride, envy or hurt feelings to influence his or her judgment, he or she is likely to make decisions that hurt themselves, their team or their organization. Ego-driven behavior can then trickle down to other peers and employees, making it difficult to get anything productive accomplished.

Signs of Ego Barrier Behavior
There are two primary ways in which Ego manifests itself. The first is false pride, which is when you think more of yourself than you should, often pushing others around for credit or spending most of your day promoting yourself. The second is fear or self-doubt, which is when you think less of yourself than you should and are consumed with your own shortcomings.

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