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Daily Buzz: Feeling Stuck? Use These Tips to Conquer Writer’s Block

How to generate creative ideas when you’ve hit a wall

Writer’s block is a frustrating phenomenon that just about every content creator, marketing professional, and communications expert has had to deal with.

“You can’t write that lead. You feel like you’re crafting the same content you did yesterday. Wait, or was that last week? You can’t imagine how to find another way to talk about your core topic,” said Content Marketing Institute’s Ann Gynn.

How do you get yourself out of this rut? Instead of staring at your blank screen, try some creative tactics recommended by marketing professionals.

André Rampat, director and cofounder of CorporateLeaders Communications, recommends grabbing some building blocks—such as Lego blocks—and labeling each one with a relevant word. Put together random blocks and see if the string of words sparks a new angle on an idea.

“The idea is to get away from the linear thinking and play around with different ideas and connections that you might not have ever thought of,” Rampat said. “All the combinations—and resulting ideas—can be examined and expanded to see if they can be viable.”

If you lack motivation to complete a project, try to find one element of it that’s interesting—or at least unique—to spark some inspiration.

“This can be tough, but typically one piece relates to my life or catches my attention. Once I’ve found that element, I research the heck out of it and focus on that concept,” said Tyler Tassinari, digital marketing director at Three29 Web Design and Digital Marketing.

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