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More Women Running for Congress Than Any Time in History

Records for House and Senate races are being broken on both sides of the aisle

More women are running for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives than any time in history, besting their record set two years ago. But they are still underrepresented among all candidates running for office.

The Center of American Women and Politics at Rutgers University says 584 women have filed to run for seats in the House in 2020, up from the previous record of 476 in 2018. Filing deadlines have closed.

The records are being set on both sides of the aisle. For Republicans, 227 women are running, up from the previous record of 133 in 2010. Of those, a record 63 women have already advanced past the primaries with 19 states still to hold their contests. Among Democrats, 357 women are running -- one more than in 2018. With 19 states to go, 135 Democratic women have secured House nominations, short of the record 182 in 2018.

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