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Employers Are Quiet Quitting, Too

Employees still crave the flexibility the pandemic gave them

It has been about a year now since the term "quiet quitting" first blew up into an obsession of the working world. After a long slog of pandemic-induced exhaustion, many employees simply had nothing more to give, as the idea of going above and beyond lost its luster in a widespread, highly public way.

Right now, a new trend is emerging: This time, employers are the ones quiet quitting.

A growing number are throwing in the towel on the "above and beyond" elements that helped their businesses and workers survive—even thrive—during the pandemic. This "perk-cession," as it has been called, isn't just about the disappearance of nice-to-haves like free dry cleaning and fancy coffee. Increasingly, more foundational employee supports like well-being benefits, flexible work arrangements and more humane cultures are disappearing, too. As a recent Timestory put it: "Goodbye to the kinder, gentler employer."

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