Engagement Manager

Mortar Board, Inc.

Engagement is a membership association buzz word. For Mortar Board, the word should have real meaning. Mortar Board should mean to engage their members through effective programs and programming.

The aim of this position is to:

  • Provide at least one meaningful Mortar Board-related opportunity a year for MBAA members who were initiated between
          - 2018 and 2015
          - 2015 and 2000
          - 2000 and 1980 
          - 1960 and 1980

  • Leverage Mortar Board’s affinity programs so that their members can benefit from them and to increase Mortar Board’s royalties
          - GEICO
          - Gallagher Affinity Group (car rental companies, Lifelock, cruises, hotels)
          - Church Hill Classics
          - SoFi
          - And others

  • Contribute to the best practice of maintaining accurate record-keeping of all alumni and assist in development of strategic address lists that maximize engagement and fundraising opportunities

  • Serve as the director of the Mortar Board Alumni Association and increase its lifetime and annual membership

  • Oversee Mortar Board’s fundraising activities, including annual giving, donor recognition and
         - Keep meticulous track of all gifts and gift receipts
         - Prepare spreadsheets reporting gifts and showing trend 

  • Oversee the Family Fund

  • Handle some scheduling and planning for the executive director

  • The engagement administrator reports to the executive director and works effectively with all staff members. Other duties that depend on the successful candidate’s skills would be assigned.

To apply: Please send cover letter and resume to the attention of Jane Hamblin, executive director, at . Please call with questions: (614) 488-4094.

Deadline for submissions is 03/31/2020.

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