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Survey Finds Social Media and Trust

For some, trust issues are so significant for consumers that many have quit social networks over it

Social media may be the way that a lot of organizations reach their members in 2018, but the recent controversies around social networks’ use of data have some individuals looking to curb their use of such tools.

According to new research from the public relations firm Edelman, 40 percent of respondents worldwide (38 percent in the U.S.) had deleted at least one social media account in the past year, with people age 18-34 more likely to shut down an account.

The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report says a number of factors are driving departure from social networks, including the rise of identity theft, cyberbullying, fake news, clickbait and bots—all of which 60 or more percent of respondents said had damaged their trust in social media. With trust in social networks at just 41 percent around the world (30 percent in the U.S., an 11 point drop from the prior year), it highlights some deeper concerns about the networks.

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