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Always Feel Too Hot or Too Cold in Your Office?

This device is for you

It's summer, which means a silent war is probably waging within your office. As temperatures increase, so does the air conditioning--along with employees' (often conflicting) desires to take control of the thermostat. 

The co-founders of Cambridge, Mass.-based startup Embr Labs think they've invented a solution. The Embr Wave, a device that looks like a faceless metal wristwatch, gets warmer or cooler at the press of a button. The theory is that this will help you feel more comfortable when bundling up or stripping down isn't an option. 

Three MIT-educated scientists spent four years developing and refining the Wave. Embr Labs co-founder David Cohen-Tanugi says that about 10 percent of people are "thermally under-served"--meaning they aren't comfortable at room temperature. (As someone who breaks a sweat at 68 degrees, this reporter knows about that all too well.) That can have a real effect on work: In a study, 53 percent of workers said their productivity takes a hit when they're too cold, while 71 percent reported the same effect when they're too warm.

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