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Cyber-attack! Would Your Organization Handle It Better Than This?

Tip no. 1: Prepare a data breach plan with step-by-step actions

What's it like being the victim of a live cyber-attack? What should you do to protect your company from further damage? And should you pay that ransom demand? Technology of Business eavesdropped on a "war games" exercise hosted by cyber security firm Forcepoint that was based on lots of real-life experiences.

IT staff at fictional High Street optician Blink Wink's head office have been suckered by a phishing email. Someone clicked on a link to a spoof website because they thought the email looked legitimate. It wasn't. That was two months ago. Today, the proverbial hits the fan...

Tuesday 08:30
Tony Lewis, Blink Wink's IT administrator, starts his day clearing out the company's public email inbox of the usual junk and spam. One message stands out. His stomach lurches.

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