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Plan for the News Cycle: The Benefits of Resource Pages

By planning ahead, you can keep your message out front at the moment it’s needed

When a news story breaks that’s relevant to your industry, are you in a position to respond?

Sometimes a press release might do the trick, but a thoughtful amount of planning—through the creation of resource pages—can help make it easier for your organization to speak up when interest in your association’s focus area rises.

A good recent example of this comes from the American Brain Tumor Association, which issued a statement after the passing of longtime U.S. senator and two-time presidential candidate John McCain. In the press release, ABTA focused on glioblastoma, the deadly form of brain cancer responsible for his death. And within it, the association linked to a resource page on treatment for glioblastoma. While the page was created long before McCain’s death, the information it included was particularly useful in the context of the prominent news story.

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