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Three Words and Phrases Great Leaders Never Say

Lead more effectively by avoiding these words and phrases

"Everything you say can and will be used against you."

That statement is not just true in a criminal arrest. In the workplace, great leaders know that the words and phrases you use are critically important. They set the tone for the entire office, and you simply can't lead a team unless you choose words carefully. (I wrote about one word yesterday that could make all of the difference with a gas company in Massachusetts.) If you use the right words, even with unruly and difficult employees, you can lead well.

This is a killer word in the office. Marginal leaders, the kind who won't really last that long in management, like to play on emotions and "what if" scenarios, but the best leaders don't travel with that pack. They state their opinion and viewpoint clearly. They never say the word "maybe" because it implies an uncertain future for everyone involved.

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