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How Bosses Use 'Fauxtomation' to Squeeze More Work From Employees

Often, AI talk is just a way to push workers into overdrive

If the Oxford University report warning that artificial intelligence is going to destroy half of all jobs in the next 25 years didn't worry you, then Elon Musk's predictions that robots could turn on us and destroy humanity probably did. Wherever you turn these days, you're likely to hear experts wringing their hands about how A.I. run amok could destroy our future.

These doomsday predictions certainly make for a catchy article, but what if it's not the robots that are sinister but many of those who are warning about them?

That's the conclusion of activist Astra Taylor in a new article for tech magazine Logic. In the thought-provoking piece, she argues that the recent robo-panic has largely been ginned up by bosses with the aim of holding down wages and squeezing more from workers.   

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