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New Hotline Connects People With Trained Counselors Via Text

Empower Work aims to help employees get access to mental health services

If there’s one problem with the mental health services available through your company, it’s that they’re available through your company.

Sure, the professionals who answer hotlines are required to keep your identity confidential, but just the connection between the firm that pays you and the one that asks you to crack open and share your deep fears and insecurities can leave a person uneasy.

Last year, Jaime-Alexis Fowler, a former public relations and media executive in San Francisco, considered this dilemma after a conversation with a stressed-out mentee who had waited too long before getting in touch. There ought to be a service for people caught in the throes of a work-related crisis, she thought, one without any ties back to the employer, but that’s still free. “Executive coaching is priced out of reach for most Americans,” she tells Quartz at Work.

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