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Inclusion As A Growth Strategy

The last remaining true growth opportunity

In the public life of the United States today, inclusion can feel like a quaint, impossible concept. News and social media sites are filled with group against group, one identity pitted against another identity, mistrust and anger all around.

But in the offices and warehouses of global institutions, C-suite leaders understand that for their enterprises to survive and thrive in a world in which their employees and customers span multiple countries, languages, generations, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds – they need their organizations to be inclusive.

The world seems fractured at this moment in time. One reason people are quick to cling to and defend their particular identities (whether gender, cultural or generational, or any other designation we strongly relate to) is because the natural, yet clunky, first step in any pursuit of equality is to start with putting people in boxes and counting them. This is how most of our corporate diversity programs operate. As I said, it’s a natural step – but it’s just the first step.

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