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Meet Outside the Box: The Experience Economy

“Experience creation” is the new mission of event planners

The number one indicator of a successful meeting is attendee satisfaction, according to a survey of meeting planners reported in State of the Event Industry by Event MB. Satisfied attendees are more likely to register for the following year, recommend an event to others and share their experiences on social media, according to PCMA’s industry-insider magazine Convene.

Satisfaction, sharing and word of mouth praise and repeat attendance are critical to an event’s ROI. As meeting planners seek to improve attendee experiences, reduce cost and boost ROI, they’re looking for unique locations and brands that create experiences singular to their place, according to a report from Eventbrite.

“Until recently, conferences have been mostly about knowledge building and networking,” says Juraj Holub, Marketing Manager at, an audience interaction app for meetings and events. “But this paradigm is shifting; attendees are attending conferences with a new objective in mind—to gain a unique experience.”

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