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Five Tools to Prep for Thanksgiving Week

Here’s a list of great apps to help your holiday week be even better

Here in the U.S., we’re headed into the most wonderful time of the year… and here’s a list of great apps to help your holiday week be even better.

Find the Best Ride: Migo
Since your family’s not picking you up at the airport, you need a Lyft (or an Uber). But which rideshare service will come fastest and cost the least? The Migo app will tell you. Just open the app and plug in your destination, and Migo will show you how much rides on each service will cost and how far away the nearest driver is. Migo is in 75 cities, with some hubs showing many more options than others. Almost all will show Lyft and Uber.

Pack the Right Stuff: PackPoint
I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to look up the weather before a trip and end up shivering without a coat while waiting for a Lyft. PackPoint tells you what you need to pack based on the length of your trip, the weather where you’re going and what types of activities you’ll be doing.

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