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The 14 Most Life-changing Apps of 2018

Meet the tools that will make you more successful, happier and calmer

The best apps — the really indispensable ones — make our lives more productive and less stressed, working hard behind the scenes so we can devote our energy to the human connections that make us truly happy. 

As we wind down the year and look ahead, we asked the Thrive Global community to share the apps that changed their lives this year. We learned that whether you need help managing your time, want to step it up in the meditation space or even feel less lonely, there’s an app for that. Which ones will you try in 2019?

Use Trello to keep track of your life
Trello is the app that has been life-changing for me this year. I still use a physical planner, but Trello has helped me be more productive — from managing my online business, planning my small wedding, to keeping my goals in mind. I can keep up with what client content is due when, collaborate on a couple’s bucket list with my husband, store lists of courses I want to take, and books I still want to read, along with the things I have already accomplished this year.”

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