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Daily Buzz: Millennials’ Work Anxiety Challenges

Despite a higher incidence of mental health issues, they don't take days off

There’s no question that life can be stressful. And for Millennials, the effects of feeling overwhelmed bleed deeper into work than older generations. In a national poll conducted for Quartz by SurveyMonkey Audience, 18 percent of working adults said they experience anxiety or depression to a point where it disrupts work “all the time” or “often.” For Millennial and Gen Z workers, that number jumps to 30 percent.

“Although Millennials report higher rates of anxiety compared to their older colleagues, it’s unclear whether Millennials really are more anxious than other generations were at the same age, or if cultural portrayals of them as fragile and thin-skinned make it seem that way. The historical data isn’t there for us to know,” says Lila MacLellan in a post for Quartz at Work. “Then again, many of the suggested causes for millennial distress truly are unique to this era, creating what some call a ‘sociological’ form of anxiety.”

MacLellan highlights ballooning student debt, helicopter parents, and the effects of being the first generation to grow up with sophisticated technology as some of these uniquely millennial and younger experiences.

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