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Building a Meaningful Employee Experience

Employees now seek more than a paycheck from their work experience

In the new world of work, it is fulfillment - the ability to feel a personal sense of purpose and meaning - that is the new standard.

An evolution of the employee value proposition
We are in a new era, where employees are looking for more from their work experience—one that is optimized for meaning and personal fulfillment, and encourages development and generosity. A new report, a collaborative effort of CECP, Imperative, and PwC, explores the implications of these evolving expectations for business leaders and how a better understanding of neuroscience can help shape a more human employee experience with relationships, impact, and growth at its heart.

What we mean by fulfillment
Over the past two decades, engagement as a human capital concept has elevated employees as stakeholders in their own right. They have individual needs which an organization must meet if it’s to succeed in the competition for talent and drive innovation. A more personal relationship with employees has paved the way for a work experience that goes beyond traditional measures of commitment, satisfaction, and discretionary effort—one that is based on purpose.

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