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Sign of the Times: MPAA Welcomes Netflix as a Member

It's the first member of the film industry trade group that isn’t a traditional studio

When it comes to streaming services, the Motion Picture Association of America isn’t looking at them blindfolded anymore—it knows they’re worthy of the group’s membership.

This week, MPAA welcomed Netflix into the fold as a member, a move that effectively finalizes the company’s long evolution from movie rental disruptor to established content-producing icon in its own right. Netflix is MPAA’s first member that isn’t one of the six major studios. In comments regarding the addition, MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin described the move as one that would better respect creator rights in a new era.

“All of our members are committed to pushing the film and television industry forward, in both how we tell stories and how we reach audiences,” Rivkin explained in a news release. “Adding Netflix will allow us to even more effectively advocate for the global community of creative storytellers, and I look forward to seeing what we can all achieve together.”

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