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Why Speaker Preparation Is A Must

Preparing speakers for your association’s conference is a necessary step

A few months back, I was attending an event, and it became abundantly clear within the first five minutes that the speaker was giving a canned speech that he’d given many, many times before. It seemed as though he didn’t know anything about the attendees sitting in the room listening to him or about the industry they represented.

As I sat there, I thought to myself how much more effective the presentation would have been if he had personalized it a bit. In this particular case, who knows if either the speaker asked for information about attendees or the industry, or if those planning the meeting had provided it to him, but what it does highlight is that associations need to be helping to prepare their speakers.

There are a number of ways this can be done, but here are a few ideas I came across that are worth considering, if you’re not doing them already.

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