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Daily Buzz: Leverage Common Apps to Boost Meeting Attendance

Keep your marketing strategy as streamlined as possible

Event technology is getting more complex every day, but the key to connecting with potential attendees—and boosting attendance numbers—is keeping tech simple and engaging via the software and tools they’re familiar with. For many planners, this means taking advantage of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

“For event organizers trying to leverage an app to their advantage, Facebook is the best because of its ubiquity,” says Ronnie Higgins, content marketing manager at Eventbrite, in a post on BizBash. Potential attendees are also 80 percent likelier to register via Facebook’s ad re-targeting tool than through conventional methods, according to Eventbrite research.

Using Instagram in your marketing strategy also makes it easier to turn potential attendees into event-goers. “Instagram users already have an interest in the pages and influencers they follow, so your team will already be dealing with an engaged and interested audience,” Higgins says. Integrating a “buy” button onto your event’s profile will make registering easy; rather than getting redirected to a separate site, users can carry out the transaction where they are.

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