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Daily Buzz: Tech Features Every Member Portal Needs

Your membership portal needs to deliver

Your membership portal needs to deliver both in its resources and from a technical standpoint.

So, what design features are members looking for? The MemberSuite team recommends the following:

Mobile-centered design. “Every website visitor nowadays expects a site they can navigate on any device—mobile, tablet, or desktop,” the team writes in a blog post. “It is critical to provide the user experience members want in order to increase their ability to engage with your organization online through a mobile-responsive member portal.”

An easy login system. Keep it simple with single sign-on credentials, or offer members the opportunity to sign in with their Facebook or Google accounts.

Security measures. Prospects won’t become members unless they know their personal data is safe, so consider an identity-management service to protect their information.

Intuitive design. “Members should be able to find what they need quickly without having to overthink it,” the team writes. “Fewer clicks means less confusion and less of a chance they’ll bail out on the experience.”

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