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The Industry Group That’s Fighting Counterfeit Printer Ink

It's very easy to accidentally buy counterfeit ink online

If you’ve tried to refill your inkjet printer using materials acquired from Amazon and other sources, you might not be aware of the minefield that’s facing you.

Long story short, it’s very easy to accidentally buy counterfeit ink online without even realizing it. A recent article from OneZero highlighted the nature of this issue. As veteran tech journalist Lance Ulanoff put it:

Search results for ink or toner cartridges in Amazon, Google, and eBay are a mix of legitimate and counterfeit supplies, though there’s virtually no way for you to tell the difference until you get the cartridge in your hands or put it in your printer.

Fortunately, for the printer industry, it has a dedicated group that’s remained laser-focused on the issues of counterfeiting and fraud affecting printers: the Imaging Supplies Coalition. 

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