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Why Every Executive Could Benefit from an Advisor or Coach

Consider people within your network whom you admire

The other day, I was speaking to a prospect who confided in me that she's been considering several key strategical initiatives for months now, yet was unable to make a decision. She went on to say she wasn't sure she had the right people on her team that could execute her vision.

She couldn't exactly speak with executives on her team about this, since the people she had doubts about were their co-workers, nor could she discuss this with her board, for fear they'd have concerns about her ability to lead. So she did what many executives do. She continued to ruminate until the chairman of the board called her in to discuss his concerns. This scenario is more common than you think.

In last week's WSJ, Land O'Lakes, Inc. CEO Beth Ford stated she was at ease making financial and strategic decisions because she knows where to "source information." But when it comes to "people moments," she turns to others for counsel. Ford is fortunate in that she has access to some of the world's top executives due to her high profile role.

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