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Daily Buzz: Define Your Community Manager’s Role

Managing content and engagement are the most important parts of the job

If you’re a community manager, you might find that you’re asked to do a lot of heavy lifting outside of your area of expertise.  Part of the problem may be a lack of clarity about the community manager’s role in your organization.

In a post on Community by Association, American Society of Civil Engineers Senior Coordinator of Online Community Tirza Austin describes five areas that community managers typically have some responsibility for.

She says that managing content and engagement are the most important parts of the job. “I urge you to look at community discussions as user generated content,” Austin says. “It is not engagement for engagement’s sake. Every post and thread should add value to your members, especially if they are receiving digest subscriptions.”

She adds that creating content is not part of the community manager’s job description. Instead, “you should be working with community members to create content. This encourages accountability and involvement with the community,” she says.

Although the least important areas for community managers are the business and strategic elements, it’s important to keep these in mind, she says, as they are “what separates good community professionals from great ones.”

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