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Daily Buzz: Market Education Programs to Non-members

Give non-members a taste of the best you have to offer

Of the many perks in joining an association, learning and certification programs rise to the top. And, although your association might consider those educational opportunities a member benefit, they are worth marketing out to non-members, too.

“If you’re like most associations, the biggest segment of your market is non-members, not members," says the WBT Systems team on its blog. “You’re missing a huge opportunity by not shifting some of your focus to marketing and selling education to nonmembers.”

But be sure to keep your non-member education campaign focused on learning. The fact is, not all non-members want to be members. So, when you tie educational opportunities to membership, you inadvertently turn off a segment of your audience.

That’s not to say that your efforts won’t create any new members, though.

“A wine tasting usually leads to a wine purchase,” the team says. “Give non-members a taste of your best. Offer a sample program that leads naturally into one or more of your other programs so they know exactly what their next educational step should be.”

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