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Daily Buzz: Help Attendees Apply Conference Learning

Create a communication strategy that prompts them to act

Many conference attendees come, learn and leave. The lessons can be insightful and exciting; however, after the event it can be hard to apply them back at work—or even remember them at all.

“All those new ideas and contacts? They fall victim to merciless to-do lists and the forgetting curve: People forget 70 percent of what they hear within 24 hours unless they make an effort to retain it,” said the MemberSuite team on its blog.

To ensure that attendees get long-term value from your meeting, help them remember what they learn and turn it into action.

“Invite attendees to opt in to accountability reminders and notifications about resources related to the sessions they attended,” said MemberSuite. “Remind them about session slides, handouts and recordings. Encourage them to make connections (on LinkedIn and your online community) with the people they met at the conference.”

Another idea: Send out prompts to help them reflect on what they’ve learned and how that insight can help them at work. Then, check in a few months later to see how they followed through. If the experience was successful, consider using their testimonials in next year’s event marketing campaign.

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