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Leadership Behaviors That Are Damaging Companies

It is crucial to lead by example

In a world of accelerating disruption and staggering uncertainty, transformations lie around every corner. And it will only become more challenging over time as the pace of technological change accelerates and leaders face geopolitical and societal instability, terrorism and climate change.

Change, fog and friction can be paralyzing. This phenomenon – long known to leaders and behavioral economists alike – has deep evolutionary origins, leading to the common organizational behavior known as a bias for inaction. As psychologist Daniel Kahneman writes, “organisms that treat threats as more urgent than opportunities have a better chance” of survival.

This is why it is crucial for leaders to lead by example. When leaders do not practice what they preach, they destroy the morale, loyalty and engagement throughout the organization. There are various behaviors that can lead to destruction within an organization, including micromanagement, indecisiveness, senior level isolation, excessive optimism, arrogance and a failure to instill two-way accountability and two-way trust throughout an organization.

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