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Empower Your Team to Stay Safe From Workplace Violence

Give employees options for protecting themselves

Safety and security are top of mind for all of your employees. And while statistics show that workplace violence is rare, it is still important for associations to consider this potential danger and create policies to help keep staff safe, according to security expert John Whitney IV, CEO of Emergency Concierge International.

“It doesn’t have to be fearful,” Whitney said at ASAE’s Associations @ Work Business Conference last week. “It doesn’t have to be ‘Chicken Little, the sky is falling.’ It can be a realistic conversation of, ‘Hey, if this happened, how are we going to respond?’”

Part of that preparation is for all staff to receive training that will help them optimize their chances of survival. While most active shooter trainings suggest people run, hide and fight, Whitney emphasizes the first option. “What I would propose to you is run, run, run, run, run, run, run, hide and fight,” he said. “Whatever it takes to get farther away from the shooter is the key.”

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