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Younger Workers Blame Boomers For Stalled Careers

Boomers are waiting longer to retire

“OK, Boomer” has become the go-to ad hominem attack on people 55 years and older. It's become a socially acceptable meme for younger generations to blame all of the evils and problems of society on a certain group of people. 

We know that it's not right nor is it fair to target one class of people and make wild generalizations about everyone that falls into that group. While it feels good to rage and get it out of your system, the blame game on Boomers is not as simple as it seems.

The current trend of anti-Boomer anger centers on the accusation that Baby Boomers have taken all the good jobs. They refuse to surrender their job privilege and remain gainfully employed, despite the entreaties of younger workers begging for a chance to advance. The Millennials, Generation-Z and Gen-Xers say they’re stuck in their jobs and can’t advance because the Boomers just won’t leave. According to a recent USA TODAY/LinkedIn survey of 1,019 working professionals, 41 percent of Millennials—and 30 percent of all adults—reported that it's difficult to advance within their fields because Boomers are waiting longer to retire. 

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