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Boost Your Productivity by Eating Solo

People who break from work and eat lunch alone are more productive

Consider this validation for all the solo lunchers out there: The so-called “sad desk lunch” might not be such a bad thing, after all.

Wall Street Journal story from leadership expert Marissa King highlights research suggesting workers may be better off spending their lunch break working or eating alone, rather than being roped into a team meal.

That was the takeaway from research from the Rottman School of Management, which analyzed how 103 employees spent their lunch each day for two weeks and asked them to rate their energy levels by the end of the day. Those who lunched alone without completing work were most relaxed, while workers who worked through their meal or chose to socialize during the break were slightly more fatigued. But by far the most energy-draining situation was when workers had to participate in a mandatory social lunch.

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